Business Registration / Incorporation

You have taken the first step and decided you want to do your own business. Congrats, that is a wise choice. Let us help you with the next and get your business name registered or get you incorporated. It could be confusing if you are doing it for the first time.

Order GCMS Notes

Want to know what is the status of your application? GCMS notes can help you know what exactly is happening with your file and what stage is the processing at. If your file is rejected, GCMS notes can help you know exactly happened and wat were the remarks of the Visa officer.

Settlement Services

Things could be hard if you are new to Canada. Ji Aya Nu offers settlement services which can make your transition a smooth & joyful experience. From Airport pickup to find a space to live, we will help you with all.

Employment Services

We at Ji Aya Nu offer employment services in GTA. We work with multiple employers and have variety of jobs to offer. If you are looking for a job, send us your resume and we will soon find a suitable job for you.

Language Test Prepration

Need to upgrade your language skills or want to appear for a language proficiency test? Those are required if you are filing for your PR application or applying for studies. Ji Aya Nu offers IELTS preparation services for both General & Academic exams. We offer competitive rates, study material & online classes for your ease. Sign up today!

Marriage License

Planning on getting married soon? Congratulations we wish you long & happy union. Now that you have decided to get married, there are number of steps involved. The first one is to get Marriage License. We can help you get a date, fill up the form and any related paperwork. We will guide you along the way so you can get everything right.

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